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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Ads with a Free PPC Audit!

Are you looking to maximize the return on your ads investment, or are you unsure how much you make on your ads? Get an outside perspective to help understand what ads work for your business or which ads you can switch off. We have experience working with large and small budgets.

Request a Free Audit

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What Can You Expect from Our Free Google Ads PPC Audit?

We can audit several platforms, including Google, Meta, and Amazon. Our audit is tailored by channel; for example, with Google, we give you a comprehensive overview of your current Google Ads strategy and its effectiveness, covering:

Campaign Structure Review: We’ll analyze your campaign setup to ensure it aligns with best practices and your business objectives.
Keyword Performance Analysis: Discover which keywords drive results and which are draining your budget.
Ad Copy Evaluation: We’ll scrutinize your ad copy, suggesting improvements to increase click-through rates and conversions.
Conversion Tracking Accuracy: Ensure your conversion tracking is set up correctly to measure the true success of your campaigns.
Bid Strategy Assessment: We’ll evaluate your bidding strategies to identify opportunities for cost savings and improved ad placement.
Quality Score Check: High-quality scores can lower costs and improve ad rankings. We’ll provide tips on how to improve yours.

Why Choose PNW Web Marketing for Your PPC Audit?

• Expertise: Our team has extensive experience managing ads across several platforms and industries.
• Customized Recommendations: We provide tailored advice relevant to your business needs and goals.
• No Obligation: This free audit comes with no strings attached. You’ll receive valuable insights whether or not you choose to work with us further.